ERP System

All operations are executed as part of an established workflow directed by the Enterprise Operation department. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) system is a cloud-based software that is at the heart of the organization. The ERP collects and analyzes data from all processes in all departments, and in real-time to quickly provide statistics and feedback. Everything from employment, production, quality control, engineering, shipping, receiving, etc. is controlled by the ERP system.

The ERP was initially setup to establish better, clearer workflows. Each department's business processes are continually being streamlined and optimized. Integration between Microsofts Enterprise software solutions and the ERP adds ease of use to many fundamental business tasks. The ERP also facilitates communications via digital displays that can be found throughout the facility. This digital signage displays data ranging from machine operator efficiency to the amount of energy produced by a rooftop solar array.

The added efficiency and tracking gives us the ability to scale up and granularize workflow tasks. As a result, the cost of doing business decreases over time. Employees and clients have the ability to login and see at which stage of the manufacturing process parts are at in real time.

The ERP's ability to analyze data from all corners of the business leads to better planning. The finite scheduling system is the most robust tool for production planning and costing available.

The manufacturing process tremendously benefits from the ERP as well. The concepts of lean manufacturing can be complex, but the ERP is able to bring everything full circle. Data from each step of the manufacturing process is collected and analyzed in order to increase up-time. The best processes and tools for each job are dictated by the ERP. The Enterprise Operations department is continually working with machine tool manufacturers like Mazak to integrate finite scheduling with automation and lights out operations into the ERP to further efficiency and the concept of lean.

The ERP system gives our customers complete transparency and aids in the ease of doing business with Polamer Precision. Clients have the ability to quickly lookup statuses, delivery dates, etc. of their parts. Organizations may also submit technical data, check account balances and more. Information flows freely throughout the entire system and keeps customers and vendors alike informed without delays.

Polamer Precision's ERP attacks the concept of lean in a way that has not been done before. A recent third-party audit by Pratt & Whitney Canada concluded that our ERP system has set the bar for suppliers worldwide.
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