Supply Chain

Supply Chain is constantly evolving, everything from quoting to final delivery; and Polamer Precision's supply chain department is involved in every step. The duties of the supply chain department are vast and far-reaching. This essentially is the backbone of the entire organization with duties including, but not limited to: purchasing, outside processes, delivery, scheduling, logistics and more.

Supply chain is involved from the bid package processes to post delivery. The team consists of dedicated buyers, water spiders or 'mizusumashi', logistics experts and service representatives. Buyers are dedicated individually to raw materials, MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations), outside processes, etc. Most organizations only rely on supply chain for procurement, whereas Polamer Precision relies on supply chain for every aspect of the business.

Polamer Precision's supply chain is superior because of the ERP system. The real-time data provided by the ERP system is so rich in terms of its positive impact on the entire supply chain. The analytics are viewed in real-time with instant notifications that reduce volatility and variability. The ERP is also interfaced with outside vendors and suppliers to give up-to-the-minute visibility of demand and production timelines / assignments. Vendors can notify us through the ERP if there are any issues or constraints.